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Company background

We are a Malaysia based technology solution provider specialise in turn key track and trace solution and project implementation. Established since 2004, Smartag Technology has more then 10 years of experience in the eLogistic and food traceability both for domestic and cross border application.

In 2011, the company pioneered the country first container tracking system with a online system and a secure lock system. The project marks a key milestone in the company development and the listing of our parent company, SMTRACK Berhad on ACE market in 2011.

As a technology innovator, the company has been a key pioneer in adopting GS1 EPCIS standard on our traceability platform  with a strategic vision to push this traceability platform as a global traceability platform that is interoperable with other regional GS1 EPCIS database. In 2010, Smartag Technologies becomes the first country in Asia outside Japan with its EPCIS platform certified by EPC Global.

As part of the vision to push to for Halal market, the company is currently developing a new concept of secure Mobile Ecommerce that encompass both online and offline delivery mechanism and based on our traceability platform and eWallet system.